Thursday, September 01, 2005

Jet Split Sky

Jet Split Sky
Originally uploaded by tryzatt7.
I went down to Key West for a doctors appointment, that to say the least, ruined my day not to mention I had to drive from Miami to the southern most point and back in the same day. But there is one thing that always gets my attention and somehow makes the whole world seem non-existant and that is photography. On my way out of the keys I made it my mission to take some photos no matter how long it took me to get back. As the sun melted into the gulf I got a chance to pull over and the clouds arranged themselves above me almost perfectly. Its like the sky was letting me know that no matter how bad things can seem if you look in the right place and be patient the future can be picture perfect..


Phoenix said...

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progaor06 said...

nice picture man technoogy has advanced.

aweosme sunset i live in yulle florida there so much world out there well never see it all.

when we die we will the amazing thing of life after death the osul goes on.

lving for god is good hes real to me and loves us he created this wonderful world.

people jsut chose to destrou it make it seem evil actually sin has done that. people choices t o do worng then right.

but yes this is one thing that lets u focus on god and how he take away our blues and hardships by admiring something created by him and u see god in the art piece he made.

america where i lvie its dull the grass is grenenr on the other side myth.

in way ture but if i cant admire the simple beauty where i lvie now i wont be able to admire the beatuy of livieng in another place.

to get that awe apreciate whats round u i lve what u said basically.

life is to short to not enjoy it camel sings song called never give an day away.
always live for today...

when is doubt go find something that takes the wrooy or pain away admire goodness life is to short t worry and its hard not to stiop worrying.

ouch my own words speaking truth here.

Cus said...

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