Sunday, May 30, 2010

Color You Had to See

Don't have much to say. Thats why I post so many pictures. Here's your thousand words.

Bowling Sucks

I just wanted to tell everyone how much bowling sucks (this does not include Wii bowling). Division I collegiate athlete. 30 stolen bases. 38 game hitting streak. Can beat most people i've met in a just about any athletic event you can name or think of. Your 7 year old niece, 12 year old brother, your 16 daughter... they can all beat me at bowling.
I absolutely suck at bowling and therefore think bowling sucks too. Enjoy the photo, JP.

P.S. I pretty sure I didn't pick up this spare.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Key West Sand Key Aerial

A couple weeks ago I had a great opportunity to shoot for Fury Adventures. For those of you who have this blog, my facebook, Red Mangrove facebook, and Red Mangrove blog, this will be redundant. This is a company owned photo for which I was the photographer which is why its making my personal outlets. I have shown this on all internet outlets because i'm very proud of how it shows the incredible reef where I live. I am also trying to get this photo out to those companies that represent Key West to the rest of the world. People should realize these delicate ecosystems need to be saved. Enjoy, JP

Monday, May 10, 2010

City Scapes

Off for a little vacation last weekend and took some nightscapes handheld with the D700. Still amazes me as to how great the high ISO photos handle color and the ability to push the NEF's in all directions while developing. Although I do like the 5DII I use often, the files just can't handle the same push and pull. Enjoy, JP