Wednesday, June 21, 2006

For Old Times Sake...

After looking through my blog today I couldn't help but be a little proud of what I have accomplished in the short time I have started this site and used a camera. I started wondering if this new business of mine will ever be successful or even cover itself. I like to give myself credit but i'm not nieve enough think that the people in the industry would do the same. After looking at the most recent posts I realized that not only have my photos gotten more pleasing, but the range of my subjects has spread as well. My photographic appreciation and vision are increasing in proportion to my skill and passion.
I started to read a new photo magazine I just got in and was reading about shooting in different light situations and times when the article took me back to a photo I had disregarded as useful a good time ago. I went back to my files and starting looking through old RAW files from my Pentax. What I found was flawed jewel. One early morning before work I was up earlier than usual to look outside and see an unusual amount of fog for south Florida. I grabbed my camera and hurried outside to take about 20 photos. I was so excited that by the time I even reviewed one the sun was ruining the atmosphere and I realized all my pictures were on the wrong setting and completely blown out. I hurried as fast as I could and put the camera to the setting neccessary for this difficult lighting. This photo is one the the 2 that got captured.
When I went back to the photo which was a good 8 months ago I finally realized what I had wasn't a overly noisy underexposed image but a perfect negative or a foggy day that could only make things seem old and out of date; aged. I put the photo in Antique black and white (like I seem to do a lot of subjects these days) and got rid of some dust artifacts. Added a little smoothness and contrast. The final image is probably the most meaningful I have posted, to me at least. It goes back to a day when I just woke up and the first thought of my mind was capturing the moment with my camera. It was me being totally careless and taking bad shots but sticking just long enough to make adjustments for just 2 final negatives. It is a new rendition of an old photo that is made to look even older.