Saturday, July 28, 2007


Every once in a while I will go through old photos from different locations, from various cameras. Every once in a while I find something interesting or something that at the time I couldn't imagine it being great but knew it had some substance. Sometimes I just try things. With the camera or with the subject. It seems everytime I go back I find something of great value. It never happens then, but way after. This photo is of a moving subway in Boston. I just recently started cataloging photos and even now I have trouble being organized with what is now over 15000 photos. Anyhow this was slow sync with with my SB-600 flash and Nikon D200 at 1 Second ISO 640. Amazing to me, and the Ipod ad is really cool. Enjoy, JP.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wedding Unsaturated.

Some of my favorites from the wedding were the ones converted to black and white. But since they would have taken from the main photos I decided they needed their own post. A little more drama, a lot less saturation. Enjoy, JP.

Sharing the Love!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to explore a photographic avenue I have even considered; wedding photography. My long time friend A.J. Johnson asked me to be the photographer for his beach casual Key West wedding, which I accepted. I was extremely nervous about what I might come home with. The thing about weddings, at least the ceremony, is you only have one chance to get the shot. You miss... the moment is lost. This made me sweat more than usual. I was also alone which meant one camera angle, one shot, no help.
After I saw the photos I knew I had succeeded at least in clarity. I helped with the memories which is what matters but there is a bit of professionalism to the photos as well so i'm sure they will be appreciated for more than scrap books. The lighting at the actual ceremony was very bad; harsh with sharp shadows. It all came through though.
To A.J. and Sam, congratulations. And to myself a small pat on the back. Enjoy, JP.