Sunday, August 05, 2012

My dilemma, New Adventures, A Promise.

I've been a year on, a year off, with the blog for quite a while now. I'm not sure what it is but it most definitely mimics my life in a way. The last 2-3 years I feel I've become quite short of words. Even when I think something I never can quite get it to come out of my mouth. I guess with age I've just started to become sick of so many people who have so much to say but they are either full of shit or full of drama. My feelings have become about doing and not so much about talking about it. Sure, after a few beers I might blabble a bit. I'm not who I used to be though, that is for certain.

If you follow me on facebook or know me personally you have a good idea what I've been up to. My last post which was many moons ago, was the beginning of becoming somewhat serious about freediving and spearfishing. That progress is evolving as well, that is a story for another time.

I've stumbled upon some new friends since joining this sport and it has led to something much bigger than myself. Since my entire life's experiences have revolved around team sports this is nothing new to me, and kind of what I'm all about. It takes some dedication, it takes humility, and you have to see the big picture and not just who's in the mirror.

My feelings so far are, well, I fit in quite nicely with the people at Spearing Magazine. We have become dive buddy's in the mean time and put out a pretty darn nice publication when the rubber hits the road. Issue 5.2 was my first with the crew so I'm still the rookie of the bunch. My responsibilities are still expanding and I am a bigger component than I ever thought I would be when I was initially approached. Thats a good thing as I have really enjoyed it.

I help out with the photo editing for all articles and wrote my own in the last issue. I also have some photos spread out for various products and pages. After feeling all but out of photography in a professional sense, my snaps have come full circle. I spent years trying to get my work to be seen by the masses, it never happened and the industry itself is just strange. I happily left it behind as it tainted my photographic enjoyment for quite some time.  All of the sudden now my work is being circulated by the 10's of thousands. That hasn't quite hit me yet. Probably because I am just doing it because I want to and not because I have to. Its good to keep some things in your heart and out of your wallet.

My dilemma now has become that although I feel like updating this blog more often I have to save the photos, for print. With the mag being every 3 months and whats seems like, might be regular articles from me, I have to keep the best photos unpublished. That means here and facebook.

I believe my interest in sharing my thoughts is usually received pretty well and will benefit both my personal goals and cross promote the magazine. It looks like I'll have to start taking more photos, that way my B-roll stuff is good enough to keep interest in my readers.

Did I say readers? Well yea, I think there are still subscribers that exist but to feed your virtual me, I have to make you a promise. That is that this blog can no longer sit dorment. I have to find a way to get my thoughts onto this canvas. It has been focused on photos in the past but with my writing now on the main stage, and I have no clue how that happened, I need to practice. My mind needs some strides so that my vocabulary exceeds that of what might be necessary to dive and kill fish.

If I sound like a dimwit for the near future its just because I'm getting back in the game. Give me some time, and follow my new adventures. Your support is appreciated, as are your comments.