Sunday, September 11, 2005

World Champion, Grammy Winning, Grandstand Pointing Thank you!

My Family.
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As I played sports throughout college I wondered, like most athletes, if I would ever make it to the top. I wondered if I would ever make it to the stage. As I follow sports, music, and movies there is always a certain aspect of the winner that I will forever be jealous. There is one thing I have always wanted to do. I am a very competitive person but the winners circle is not why aspire the mic on the big stage. I don't' want the World Series or Super Bowl Ring. I don't want a Grammy or a VMA. I don't want MVP's, U.S. Opens, or even fame for that matter. I, like the elite of the elite, would like to run into the crowd and give my family a hug. I would like to stand at the podium and with everything thank my family and most of all my parents and sister for everything they have done for me.
I would be absolutely nowhere today if it weren't for my parents. They have given me more than I could ever ask for. They have supported me through thick and thin. They have been there for every single moment that has meant anything to me. They are more selfless than any people I have ever met.
And to my sister, you keep me going. I consider you my best friend in the world. You talk to me through about anything and your the most inspiring person I have ever met, period.
I don't believe you should have to wait for people to die to get to make a speech about them. I don't think something catastrophic should have to happen for you to let the ones around you know that you appreciate them. I don't think you should have to be on TV to tell the world how much you love your family.
To my family, Mom, Dad, and Sister this is my World Champion, Grammy Winning, Grandstand Pointing thank you speech for everything you do!


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