Monday, January 01, 2007

6th Annual Pig Roast

Its been a full year since the last pig roast posting (and almost as long since my last posting period!). After a few years that were starting to get dissapointing we had thought that every year would follow this pattern and by 08' it would be just 4-5 of us. I guess Key West always has a surprise ready for us. The pig roast was one of the biggest group of friends we've had together in quite a few years. And the pig, well, most said the best tasting of all 6 so far. I have to give it up to us. It doesn't matter what happens the whole year, there are just a group of us that won't give up. We stay consistant with what we want to happen and in the end somehow get all of our closest friends from years past one more time. And the group photo, probably the largest photo of friends in about 10 years. I knew the 8K in camera equipment would pay for itself somehow. Thanks to all my friends. JP