Monday, September 12, 2011

Down Under

For real, i've been gone for a long time. It seems the same creativity that leads to my photos alsopulls the words from my brain. I haven't taken snaps and I haven't had much to say.
I've been reunited to something that was a big part of my life when I was younger. I used to live for spearfishing when I was younger. Its all I remember wanting to do, besides hitting batting practice anyway. College changed that as I got overwhelmed by the game, not in a bad way, but in a way that was necessary to stay at the level I was at. I got to shoot a few times when home from ball but those few times are what led to my 5 year absence from diving. I blew my ear drum twice. It hurt so bad I thought I would never dive again.
A few years removed from college and I needed a new challenge and decided to get certified for Scuba. I was scared to death but had no problems whatsoever. Dove 90 ft. without a single equalization issue. While I got into that for a minute, I was still scared to free dive. I decided to start trying to get down to 20 ft. or so which was where I had previously imploded. It was nerve wrecking but as long as I took my time equalizing it was fine... Fast forward.
About 3 months from getting back into it I've started to accept the challenge and want nothing to do but get submerged. I can remember 12 weeks ago when my first few dives were difficult at 10 ft. It was seriously like I was choking. I started reading more and more. When I get dedicated, its pretty much obsession. If you are reading this you know my photography. I learned almost every single thing I knew from reading and practicing, being dedicated. Just a few weeks ago I got comfortable in 20 ft. for the first time ever. That shallow depth is such a barrier. A mental barrier most the people I know have. I just couldn't accept it as my limit. I recently bought a dive watch and started diving with more experienced freedivers. The first week after I got my watch I hit 30 ft. for the first time. To good divers that is cake. For me it was pretty important. It was breaking the barrier.
I have only dove one time since then. I was fine in 30 plus all day. I ended up shooting a nice hog at 41 ft. Only one dive after hitting 30 ft. for the first time.
We have been feeding ourselves pretty well too. Some nice big gulf hogs and red grouper. Enjoy the photos. Hopefully I will visit more often. If not, its cause I'm down under. JP