Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Beach and Pier

This is with the D700 handheld at ISO 3200. Pretty amazing. White St. Pier. Enjoy, JP.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just Remember

Just take a look at the things you see...
Just listen to what you hear...
Feel that feeling?
Take a deep breath.
Everyday we wake up these are the things we do. We take them for granted, no doubt.
But do you remember that time?
That time you spent with that person?
Do you remember how you laughed? How serious you were? How playful? How nice? How mean? Do you remember how insignificant...? Not so, my friend. Not so.
Memories are all we have. Well, its all we can remember. Its the part of our life we take for granted the most. The time we spend with the people that no doubt make an impact on our lives. Its the small things. Its the Wednesday nights. The bike rides. The opening of a door.
Never is this more apparent that when someone leaves. But this one was different. Different in more reasons than I can explain. But most of all cause he knew.
We worry all day about small things. Get mad at small acts. Forget to thank the people we appreciate most. He knew he was gonna die...
Could you imagine?
No more feeling?
No more seeing?
No more deep breaths?
But could you imagine no more memories?
I live my whole life looking forward. Which, is no doubt important. But do I appreciate now. Not as much as I should. I worry about bank accounts...? Really? I worry about my what he/she said?
Its ridiculous. Could you imagine worrying about dying? All day. Everyday. Could you imagine being gone forever. No one can. That's what makes this great. That you can read this. React to it. You can call someone who loves you. You can still make memories.

To all those memories coaching, fishing, and shooting the shit drinking, I would like the thank Chas Freeman. I remember you like yesterday. You would appreciate these photos. Rest in peace. JP

P.S. Just remember

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Delayed for Greatness

Sorry for taking way to long to post but sometimes I just don't shoot. Or shoot anything worth showing. In this case, the photo is one of my favorites ever taken. The black and white is outrageous but it loses the depths quite a bit more than does the color version. I'm in a artsy time of my photos where i'm processing way more than usual. Just a phase us people go through. Anyway, when I find a color version I like, we'll compare. Enjoy, JP.