Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Antique Marina, Sailing Star, Mini-Marina

Its been a long time since I posted a photo and even longer since i've taken my D2x out of the Tamrac it lives in. I go through phases with most of my hobbies and interests and when I just get brain dead trying to think of what to do with them sometimes I will just sit down a play till something I used to do brings back a breath of fresh air. I was going through my photos in Lightroom again and once more found some shots that are months back. Some from last year. For some reason I never like the shots I take. I can't even see what it is the picture means, or what I wanted it to mean until it gets an inch of dust on the file. I'm not sure why this happens. When I take a step back after a shoot, I just feel as if i'm trying to give the picture meaning it doesn't have. As if I am faking the meaning to create a photo, and not just a snap shot.
When I go back later, I start moving levers. Bringing out shadows. Over exposing or changing the attitude. Lowering contrast. Vignetting. A number of items I just don't touch after a shoot. Maybe the time I spend shooting gets me sick of looking at the results. Maybe i'm just not used raw files and expect so much out of the camera I forget to develop it. Not sure what the reasoning is but it is what keeps me from being one of the "photo-a-day" bloggers. Not a bad thing but for the people who follow my photos I like to keep them around. So... if its been a while, thanks for coming back. My reasons, although difficult to commprehend, are what make my resulting photos what they are. Its the character in all of my prints. I guess I am just a slow developer. All more of reason to keep interest in whats coming next... Kind Regards, JP