Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A little fishing.

These photos are mainly what my life has consisted of for the last two months. Dry Tortugas twice and about five tarpon fishing trips that produced about 50 hook-ups. Its the time of year where all my time, and money, go into the water.
My interest in photography has changed completely in the past half year or so. I guess my enthusiasm of the Galapagos trip could only carry over so long. I love photographing wildlife but Key West isn't exactly wild anymore. I find myself more often than not shooting typical landscapes (sunsets, sunrises) or almost always taking the most of my photos on the water. This has made a large impact on how I use my equipment. I can honestly say that within the last year I have probably used my 70-200mm a half dozen times and out of those photos I can't clearly remember more than two of the photos. I also find myself using my two primes (50mm f/1.8 and 35mm f/2 MF) more than any other lenses cause of the speed and creativity created by moving the camera instead of the zoom ring. I also shoot so few photos that I just can't justify having a $4500 camera (now worth closer to $2000) that is big enough to deter me from taking it with me to everyday pictures. Its limiting since i'm not a professional.
As such i've decided to take a different approach to photography. I'm selling the D2X first and foremost and will be getting a scaled down nikon. Something that will allow me to have the camera with me more often. Second I will be selling my 70-200mm VR and 1.7x teleconvertor that I got with it. I will be keeping my Tokina 12-24mm which is by far my most able lens for shooting landscapes and close quarters like on the boat and architectures. Those three will free me up about $3800. I will also be selling my 17-55mm f/2.8 with mixed emotions. I don't have anything from 24-50mm except my manual focus 35mm which is useless at night. I like the lens, its super sharp and fast, but I just don't use it near as much as the $950 it is worth. All this is gets me to around $4750 with three lenses left.
The real change is the re-buy. The camera body I have not chose yet. Its not the most important thing to me anymore. What I will be getting is a ikelite underwater housing for whatever camera I do chose with a single strobe. With whatever I have left I will either get the Tokina 35mm f/2.8 macro or nikon 60mm f/2.8 macro which will give me a little more range.
The change comes mainly from a soul search. I don't find it usefull anymore to hang on to this equipment. I got most of for my Galapagos trip and the rest of my money I have spent on my website. I have made some prints for friends and others but I would be foolish to waste anymore time and money for anything but myself. The website will remain as soon as I update it. But I just don't think I can have a set-up waiting for my next safari, which could be a couple years away. I will be setting up my new cameras for my life and the things I want to do. If someone wants one of my moments for their wall, so be it. I will be starting scuba in less than a month and am on the water almost as much as land. I want my pictures under water to be at the quality of my photos above the surface. And I don't want to have a camera that is not useless enough for snap shots of my life. My joy with photography was documenting my perceivable world. That will be the main focus of my photography from now on. If just took a little fishing to figure it out. Enjoy, JP.

P.S. Greg Orepeza in second photo.