Sunday, August 21, 2005

Historical Prospective

Tomorrow starts a chapter in my life that has never been read. A matter of fact it wasn't even in the table of contents till about a month ago. Tomorrow I end a monotony that started when I was six years old. Tomorrow I will go to work for Lennar (details in formentioned post) in Miami which is weird because Tomorrow is August 22. Ironically somewhere around the end of August for the last 17 years I have started or returned to school. But one thing hit me tonight as I was preparing clothes for work and making sure that everything was in order for the morning. Everytime a new session of school or baseball has started it begin a semester or a "segment" of my life. The end of the summer has usually meant that it was time to start cranking it up in the weight room and start taking more swings to get ready for the season. The fall started a new school year, ended the summer, and was time start winning a job on the field and put on weight for the season. Christmas break was the end of the fall and time to put on the couple pounds that I had lost in preseason and take a break from the books. The spring was usually the beginning of a lighter load of school and the beginning of yet another differently important baseball season. The end of the spring is the end of an academic year and the end of the last season but the start of the summer. The summer for me was usually a class or two and some baseball in between but for the most part a relaxing, no responsibility part of the year. Tomorrow starts my job. My real job. A job that is a career job but there is something different "this" semester. You see this job is not just a period or segment of my year. It doesn't consist of a four month semester. There is no week long thanksgiving break. I don't get six weeks for Christmas. There is no time in the middle of the spring that I get to sleep in and party for a week. My life used to be split in so many segments that everything I did from the way I slept, ate, studied, and even cared about what was going on had its own place and time. Tomorrow that's all over. Tomorrow I will start work with a fortune 500 company. From here on out the only way my life will be split into small, precise, unique segments is entirely up to me. Of course this is not the end of the road. This does not mean that I will not have a day off for the rest of my life. Sure I will get days off for Christmas. I will be able to see my family on the holidays and take vacations when I need them. But now the choice is mine. I have the choice to adapt and make my life into small meaningful periods of time. Or I can just let it all bleed together like one endless semester.

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