Monday, March 30, 2009

Technically Garbage, Aesthetically Gorgeous

Most macro enthusiasts would cringe at this photo, shot at f/2, hand held. I on the other hand have never wanted my photos more out of focus than now, with my new Zeiss, that creates the most incredible, peaceful bokeh I have seen. The possibility of isolating is better than any 1.4 i've had. Enjoy, JP.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Zeiss says it all...

I can't remember a time when I wanted something more, and for a longer time than my newly arrived Carl Zeiss Makro 100mm f/2. In just a few short minutes of play the results speak for themselves. Enjoy, JP.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Studio 2-22 Photo Circus

Although I am more than a month behind posting this it is mainly from a photo property release standpoint that I didn't post pictures from the circus. I was lucky enough to shoot with some very free models in a ultra relaxed, do what you wish photo shoot. I was supposed to shoot with a good friend and pro photog Michael Marrero. When he got booked for some work out of the country he asked if I would go it alone... Nervous I was.
But I took the gig, all for free so the pressure was off but in the end I wanted to show some talent, not knowing what would come from it.
As always I under promised and over achieved. Marky Pierson did some video and put them together with the stills to make a pretty cool short YouTube video .
This is far from normal shooting for me but was tons of fun in the end. Enjoy, JP.