Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Caution...Determined Kite!

Caution...Lonely Kite
Originally uploaded by tryzatt7.
A pictures worth, well in some cases, more than a thousand words. I must have taken this picture from 15 different angles. The right side 100 yds away. The left side from 40yds. In front and finally laying down under the darn thing. This was just an amazing sight but can only really be seen blown up, so click on it, and make it as big as possible. This is a caution sign for slippery steps into the ocean. At the bottom of the picture there is a black string tied to the signs post. Up above, about 200 ft. in the top right corner of the picture, there is a kite flying all alone. This simply amazed me. Someone had been flying the kite earlier in the day, I presume, and just put the kite on the post. The wind was about 18 mph this day at the beach, but what amazes me most is that not for one second did the wind die down enough for this kite to drop. I was on the sand no more than 30 ft. away from this sign. It took me about an hour to even notice the damn thing and there was no even close to me at the beach. Which means this kite had been flying well over an hour, on its own. Nikon D200 20mm 1/250 f/14 @ ISO 100.

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