Monday, June 14, 2010

Tobacco Road

This was the most challenging light you can think of. The venue was an outdoor incredibly 'not' lit semi-stage, with other stages throughout the place with upcoming musicians putting in their 30 minutes of fame. It smokin hot as their was no air flow, and all I had was my Zeiss 100mm f/2, which if you didn't know, is only manual focus. So these were my shooting choices 1.) 100mm, f/2, ISO 12800, and whatever shutter (between 1/20 and 1/50) was given from those max settings... and... did I say choices? That was it, besides buying a D3s and Nikon 85/1.4. Surprising enough I actually got some neat shots and had a great time. The band we watched 'BredCrumbs' was pretty amazing. They were moving like maniacs and were literally in less than a candle of light. Enjoy the photos, JP

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