Friday, June 04, 2010

Only in Key West

Last night was one of those nights were I felt like I went everywhere in town looking for photos I came home with nothing. I had left Duval and the Harbor walk on my way home. I passed a good friends trailer park took at look at this scene i've probably seen 100 times. As I was half a block past it occurred to me what a great photo it could be. I pulled up, took a couple shots and didn't really like what I was getting. After about 30 seconds a car pulled up passed and around me and as they started to break the red lights started shining across the scene. I had about 5-10 seconds to get the shot. This is not the best example ever but it is impossible with anything but the D700. 50mm f/2.2, 1/20th handheld. Enjoy, JP

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