Monday, March 29, 2010

Out with the Boring!!!

Hello followers, fans, family, and friends! Sooner than later this blog will be come personal only. Meaning that all of my (our) professional work will no longer be shown here. Unfortunately the new blog for Red Mangrove Media/Studio/Gallery will be moved to (which is not running yet) and then will be embedded into our new website that will be done sometime in May. Although confusing it is the most effective way to get out name out now and transform into the future.
As far as Strocom goes, the good news is its not going anywhere. I will just have to work harder to produce more personal work as the bulk of trigger finger will be aimed at professional work.

ON TO THE PHOTOS; you go to websites all the time. Some guy/gal sitting in front of something boring, smiling, and you go... Thats what that person looks like. Great!? Hardly! Mike and I wanted to do something different for our site. We wanted to show a little creativity. We wanted to bring a little of whatever it is that fuels us, out into the portrait. We needed to show you that we can be both serious photographers, but personal enough so you can see where our product is born.

About me. Well, for those of you that know me well you know i'm not a fighter. Not one bit. I'm not a boxer either. And if you follow you know the last event I shot was a boxing match. Not difficult to tell where my idea came from. I had a plan that I knew I could make work, that would show the serious side of me in the photo but if you know how much of a clown I am you look at this photo and laugh. It was a fun shoot we did on a friday night at the studio and I brought some Silver Bullets, that no one else liked (great, more beer for me). Thanks to Michael Marrero for making my vision come across in the photo. This was a three light set-up that was not as simple as we thought. Mikes photos will be in the next post, taken by yours truly, stay tuned for more from Red Mangrove!

Enjoy, JP

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