Saturday, January 30, 2010

From the Start

This photo was taken on 1/27/05 with my first DSLR. It was a Pentax *ist DS. It was 6mp and I only had one lens, a Sigma 18-125mm POS. This was one of the first photos I ever shot. It has returned from the dead and just goes to show you should be out shooting and making art instead of worrying about what a POS your camera might be. On the other hand, do yourself a favor, buy good glass. Chase Jarvis posted a quote today... "The money spent on preliminary drawings pays off 100 to 1."-michelangelo and also said that the biggest and only mistake he ever made was not getting the best equipment from the start. I can promise you all this, I have spent every dollar since my first camera on the best equipment within my reach and it is paying off HUGE now. The crap I had to hear from family to girlfriends has now turned out to be the best advice I never took. I know this is a rambled post. I just can't believe that the thing I love to do more than anything is paying me back like I never thought possible. I'm the happiest man alive. Enjoy, JP.

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