Monday, January 04, 2010

10th Annual Pig Roast, Buttonwood.

Although the pig didn't get cooked in its normal Christmas to New Years window, it still went off without a hitch and most of the core group showed up on short notice. Since the host was a little under the weather on the scheduled date we had to push the party back but with only a days notice we still had the best roast yet. We usually get the pig two days early to give a night to defrost but luckily the whole pigs had just got in and were not frozen yet... very lucky. In less than a days notice we had our normal Yucca, Black beans and rice, with cuban bread with 20 of our closest friends. It makes my year to have this party. I just hope it holds up as long as I do. Here are some photos, see you next year! Enjoy, JP

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