Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Studio 2-22 Photo Circus

Although I am more than a month behind posting this it is mainly from a photo property release standpoint that I didn't post pictures from the circus. I was lucky enough to shoot with some very free models in a ultra relaxed, do what you wish photo shoot. I was supposed to shoot with a good friend and pro photog Michael Marrero. When he got booked for some work out of the country he asked if I would go it alone... Nervous I was.
But I took the gig, all for free so the pressure was off but in the end I wanted to show some talent, not knowing what would come from it.
As always I under promised and over achieved. Marky Pierson did some video and put them together with the stills to make a pretty cool short YouTube video .
This is far from normal shooting for me but was tons of fun in the end. Enjoy, JP.


carla said...

Beautiful pictures, you are talented.

John P. Castro said...

Thanks Carla, glad you liked them.