Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My View...

I guess I should count my blessings more often. Just days after moving into my new house I got a chance to shoot this photo from my upstairs porch. The view is much better when you are settled. I have looked forward for a long time so being in one place. Moving through college, apartment to apartment then moving to Miami. Just living in another apartment with a feeling that I really don't belong anywhere. It felt like I was always working toward the next move. Finally those days are over.
I moved back to Key West because the opportunity to build my own house. I'm fortunate to have parents that would give me such expensive gift, land in paradise.
I finally feel like I made it. Like I don't live by semesters or job titles. But I live in Key West in my house that I built. All I have to do now just hold on and everyday I have a place to come HOME to. Not just pay rent to live in someone else's piggy bank. The feeling is one the best you could imagine if you haven't already. Enjoy the view, count your blessings, JP.