Tuesday, January 22, 2008

All Systems Go.

After about a 3 month stint building my house and a fried hard drive I am finally up and running. I'm just installed a new 500 GB hard drive to keep these photos going. Although getting the information from the last hard drive hasn't been easy. I put about 675 new pictures on the new computer last night. All were taken within the last couple months. Since some need more developing and sorting than others I wanted to put the most available up first so they won't be posted by date in any way. These three were all taken at my jobsites. There will be more coming soon from boat races, nephews football games, some new people photos, family candids, and of course some landscapes.
These photos were taken with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8.
Photo 1: f/8.0 @ 1/1600 ISO 400
Photo 2: f/1.8 @ 1/8000 ISO 400
Photo 3: f/13 @ 1/80 ISO 400


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