Monday, August 20, 2007

50's Beach

Back to my theory that its easier to get the photo you want if you know beforehand the photo that you are looking for. Something made me think of taking some photo's and adjust them to look old. Not subject, just as a color loss photo of something Key West(y). I'm kinda sick of the traditional island photo. They all look the same so my goal is give a different perspective or a different mood. The average sunset, the sea oats by the white picket fence on the beach; all great photos but something needs to change. I took this yesterday from Smathers beach, added some vignetting, gave it a colder tone and stayed on the low side of sharpening. I also used DXO pro for distortion and chromatic aberations since this was taken at 12mm on my Tokina 12-24mm F/4. I would have liked some more noise to be honest it was making things fall apart (as it usually does). Enjoy, JP.

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