Sunday, June 03, 2007

Galapagos 2007

With months in between posts i'm guessing my regulars are all but gone. Since moving to Key West i've filled my life with so much activity that anything computer or camera related as been taken off the back burner and placed in the icebox. Just under a year after booking a trip with Andy Biggs Photo Safari's the time has come... and gone. I have to say it was by far the most amazing thing i've done yet. Being that it is really the only thing i've done by myself that wasn't college or baseball related shouldn't be surprising.
The trip started by landing in Ecuador. The next morning the 18 of took a flight to the Galapagos Islands which arrived at around noon on Sunday. From that point on we jumped from island to island till the next Sunday morning when we flew back to Ecuador and stayed the night in the Grand Guayiquil Hotel. Tuesday morning we went our seperate ways and the rest is they say is history. And well documented history at that. Being on the conservative side of the group I snapped off right around 3700 photos.
The Galapagos Islands are the most amazing place I could imagine anyone would go. Anyone who likes nature anyway. I didn't intend for this post to be a recap of the trip. I want to give the basics and the rest can be backed by the pictures (which I am getting considerably better at developing).
I hope everyone enjoys the photos and I promise that the posts will become more frequent. I promise. Enjoy, JP.


AJ said...

My favorites here are 2, 3, & 6.
The rock in #2 is just awesome. it reminds me of Ayer's rock in Australia, only coming out of the water. You really nailed the exposure on this one. Is that the boat you were on in the background?

Great timing on the pair of birds in image #3. I am assuming that was a male and female. The red throat on the make is incredible & the way its shaped like a heart fits the mood nicely.

Nice choice of focal length on the iguana. The wide aspect and low angle really work well to boost the prominence of this incredible creature.

Joe said...

you need to leave your day job!!!!!!
these are the most outrages pics i've seen you take to date.
awesome brother!!!!