Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Fluorescent Flowers

Floro Flowers
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After some quick work with Adobe Lightroom, I instantly decided it would be my software workhorse. As far as post-editing images Lightroom is by far the fastest and easy workflow i've tried. Combined with DXO optics, that I bought this week, I will have a very fast and easy workflow that is more tailored for photography than Photoshop CS. DXO is a software system that if purchased by picking the camera and lenses that the photos will be taken with. After uploading the pictures to DXO the program can run all the photos automatically to correct for Barrel Distortion, Chromatic Abberation, and sharpness of the lens. It will also cancel out noise and artifacts and adjust color and curves for the camera/lens combo. To me this is a life saver. I don't have to play with numbers for every picture, with every lens, at every focal length - its done automatically. This followed by Adobe Lightroom will be my major editing tools. Now just to find a good filing system...

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