Saturday, January 07, 2006

Light'em up.

Light'em up.
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Cohiba lit. Can't say its my favorite cigar but better than none. One of my many weaknesses and a very symbolic picture. This could just be the break I need. If its up to me this will be in every cigar shop in Key West and from there where it goes, no one knows. I've had this picture, of my hand with a cohiba, for over a half year. I used a very fast prime lense (50mm f/1.8) to take this shot in pitch black, off a balcony, with no flash. Another favorite of mine (obviously, its on the blog). Sometimes it takes a while to figure out when you have a good shot. I know all my pictures mean something to me, thats why I take them. The hard part is figuring out when it might mean something to you. Hope you like it. And if you do, Light'em up.
I'll keep the whole dedication thing going. This one is to Landal, care of cigars on the beaches of the Bahamas. Glad you like the pics. JP

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